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  • Dual formula

  • Superior absorbency

  • 100% RDA for 21 micronutrients

  • Natural and active forms

  • Vegan

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    Dual Formula For Superior Absorbency

    Our vegan Multivitamin & Mineral formulation provides a broad spectrum of 25 essential nutrients in two complementary formulas. By separating the micronutrients that compete for absorption sites into morning and evening doses, it supports superior absorbency of each nutrient, so you get more of what you need, when you need it.

    With a selection of natural and active forms with beneficial quantities of each nutrient - we ensure a safe and effective Multivitamin & Mineral supplement to support and promote your overall health and well-being.

    Why Multivitamin & Minerals By Näck

    25 Essential Vitamins And Minerals

    Näck Multivitamin & Minerals Dual Formula offers a comprehensive nutrient support with 25 essential vitamins and minerals, achieving 100% RDA for 21 of these micronutrients. Crafted by nutraceutical experts, it's designed to support overall health without the clutter of unnecessary additives. Näck's formula is strictly science-backed, containing only essential micronutrients in their natural and active forms, ensuring effective supplementation.

    Dual Formula, Optimised For Superior Absorbency

    The efficacy of a multivitamin lies in its absorption, and the presence of several nutrients in one pill can lead to competitive absorption, reducing its effectiveness. That's why Näck Multivitamin & Minerals Dual Formula is split into Morning & Evening doses, securing better absorbency of each micronutrient. For instance, research shows that Calcium inhibits the absorption of Iron when taken together. Counteractive effects can be seen if Vitamin C and Vitamin B12 are taken together, and the same applies to Vitamin E and Vitamin K. These are just some examples of many.


    Pioneering a first-of-its-kind formulation in India, our nutraceutical experts dedicated over a year to craft the most effective multivitamin formulation with superior absorbency. Unlike conventional AM/PM formulations that distribute nutrients based on their perceived daytime or nighttime benefits, Näck Multivitamin & Minerals Dual Formula strategically separates micronutrients that compete for the same absorption sites into Morning & Evening doses, prioritising effective nutrient delivery at the right time.

    Vitamins In Natural And Active Forms

    Our formula specifically has active forms of several vitamins to maximise bioavailability, ensuring immediate absorption by the body. Unlike inactive vitamins that require liver or kidney activation, active forms are ready for immediate utilisation by the body. Additionally, natural forms of some vitamins are used to mimic food's nutrient composition, aligning with the body's familiar nutrient intake process, optimising the effectiveness of each dose.

    What’s Inside?

    WE USE

    Essential Vitamins and Minerals in natural and active forms

    WE ADD

    A pioneering dual micronutrient formula for superior absorbency


    Truly Naked


    How To Consume


    Take one morning capsule 20 mins before breakfast, and one evening capsule 20 minutes before dinner, to ensure optimal absorption of nutrients.

    When to consume

    Morning & Evening.

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    The average rating of this product is a whopping 4.7/5. The secret? Our products are 100% naked. No false claims or hidden agendas. Just carefully selected natural active ingredients.


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    Questions & Answers

    Näck Multivitamin & Minerals Dual Formula is for everyone looking to supplement their essential micronutrient intake. Most of us lead a busy lifestyle and eating a balanced diet everyday can get difficult. We have added essential vitamins and minerals in sufficient quantities, so you get what you need and when you need it! If you are suffering from any vitamin or mineral deficiencies, or if you’re following a restrictive diet for goals such as weight loss, this is a great supplement to add to your routine so you don’t miss out on the essentials!

    Our supplement includes magnesium in both morning and evening servings to provide consistent, essential support. Magnesium is crucial for over 300 enzymatic reactions, impacting proteins, nucleic acids, and cellular energy production.

    This dual approach ensures you receive the benefits of magnesium throughout the day. In the morning, it aids in energy production without disrupting sleep. By taking it regularly, you maintain the resources needed for vital bodily functions. Our supplement simplifies magnesium intake, making it convenient for any time of day.

    Active forms are used for vitamins and not minerals.

    Active vitamins are vitamins in their most active form, meaning that they are more bioavailable for immediate absorption into the system. When vitamins are taken in their inactive form, they have to be activated by the liver and/or kidneys before the body can absorb and utilise them.

    We use natural sources because the body is already accustomed to utilising nutrients from natural sources, hence supporting effective absorption of the same.

    Some vitamins in the natural forms are not stable enough to be used in a good way in supplements, hence we have refrained from using the same.

    Multivitamin & Mineral Dual Formula is safe to be consumed by everyone. However, if you are pregnant, lactating or suffering from any chronic disease you should always consult your doctor before taking any supplements, and that applies to Astaxanthin too.

    Yes. Multivitamin & Mineral Dual Formula can be had with Natural Astaxanthin, which is the strongest antioxidant known to science. It does not inhibit the absorption of any micronutrients.

    Yes, the Multivitamin & Mineral Dual Formula is 100% vegan.

    Firstly, it's due to the considerable increase in production costs. Separating nutrients for optimal absorption can be more expensive.

    Secondly, multivitamins are typically marketed as convenient one-pill solutions, aiming to provide everything you need in a single dose. This convenience, however, in this case comes at the expense of maximising nutrient absorption and utility.