About Us

Who we are

Ranging from Baby boomers, Millennials to GenZs, we are a complete package of fun-seeking and wellness-loving doers. A diverse bunch of health enthusiasts covering Sweden, Turkey and India with a common goal, to simplify the complex world of supplements and make it easy to understand, access and benefit from.

We develop supplements we want to use ourselves and recommend to our friends and family.  It may sound vague, but put in a context of quality, safety, and efficacy it becomes crystal clear. No odd ingredient combinations, no questionable scientific reports and no false claims or hidden agendas. We only use natural active ingredients that are clinically proven to ensure effective and gentle solutions.

In the end, our philosophy is simple – Supplements can and should be made… Truly Naked.

Malin Petersson


Sahil Marwaha


Philip Göransson


Kelsang Dolma


Anthony Igoe


Ricky Teja


What ‘Näck’ means

The Swedish word ‘Näck’ which translates to “Naked” originates from the Scandinavian folklore about Näcken – a water spirit who played enchanted songs on his violin across the Swedish forest lakes. And yes, he happened to play the instrument in the nude…

For us, it simply means that we promise to be truly naked and honest about everything we do and how we do it. We deliver high quality supplements using gentle and effective formulas with natural active ingredients. Always backed by science.

We also promise that we never play the violin naked, at least not at work.