Naked Research

Naked Research

We develop products which we want to use ourselves and recommend to our friends and family.  It may sound strange. But put in a context of quality, safety, and efficacy it becomes crystal clear.

The beginning

We only consider natural active ingredients which have a high level of scientific evidence to back up the efficacy of health claims.  Demonstrating efficacy requires clinical studies, so this is our starting point. Our criteria for evaluating the appropriate supporting evidence behind an ingredient and active nutrient includes the number of studies conducted, reliability of results, magnitude of results and how the studies were conducted, that will say the methodology. We are focusing on studies which include randomized controlled trials with human participants.

The middle

Once we have ensured that there is enough evidence to back the efficacy of a certain natural active ingredient, we start the work together with our network of raw material suppliers, manufactures and their respective Science and R&D teams to develop the most effective formula with a format to support excellent bioavailability.  

The end

We only launch products when we are certain that they have met our strict principles of quality, safety and efficacy. Thus, we will probably never be famous for having the largest assortment of products in our keep, but that’s alright. We rather focus on ensuring that the ones we put our mind and soul into are properly tested, verified and ready for friends and family to use.

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