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Plant Protein Powder + Astaxanthin

Plant Protein Powder + Astaxanthin

The Immunity Boost Combo

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  • Strengthened Immunity

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Performance & Energy

  • Muscle growth and maintenance

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    The Strong Kit contains our Plant Protein Powder and our Immunity Boost with Natural astaxanthin. This power combo ensures you meet your protein intake in the cleanest way with our 100% vegan protein formula as well as protect your body inside out with the strongest antioxidant known to science, Astaxanthin.


    Strengthened Immunity

    Natural Astaxanthin, being nature’s strongest antioxidant, has a strong ability to strengthen, balance and improve the immune system by mitigating oxidative stress that builds up the body. Protein is a necessary macronutrient for building and maintaining the immune system since the antibodies that fight off infections and diseases are made up of protein. Together, the two products contribute to a stronger immune system.


    Natural Astaxanthin helps reduce inflammation in the body by suppressing the overactive immune response that creates unwanted inflammation. This is complemented by Plant Protein which can also aid in reducing inflammation, according to research.

    Performance & Energy

    The combination of plant protein and Astaxanthin supports increased energy levels and improved physical performance. Protein is essential for energy and muscle function, while Astaxanthin enhances endurance and reduces fatigue.

    Muscle growth and maintenance

    Our Plant Protein Powder has just two ingredients - pea protein and rice protein. The two complement each other to provide a complete essential amino acids profile. It’s unflavoured so you can add it to all your daily foods and beverages! Astaxanthin supports muscle recovery and reduces muscle damage after exercise by mitigating oxidative stress that builds up in the body.

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