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Crafted by experts

Crafted by experts

Whey Protein - Chocolate with Pink Himalayan Salt

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₹ 2,999


  • 21g Protein

  • 10.3g EAAs

  • 4.7g BCAAs

  • Digestive Enzymes

  • 95 kcal

  • Superior taste

  • 0g added sugar

  • Informed Choice Certified

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    High-Quality Whey for Peak Performance

    Our power-packed Whey Protein is developed by Sports Nutrition experts to support post-workout recovery, muscle growth, weight management and immunity. A versatile blend of high-quality Whey Concentrate from the Netherlands and Whey Isolate from Ireland, it’s expertly designed to help you stay energised, lean and full. Each 30g serving delivers 21g of protein including 10.3g EAAs and 4.7g BCAAs while keeping the caloric content low (95 kcal). We bring you the smoothest and creamiest experience with the added goodness of natural cocoa and Himalayan pink salt.

    Why Whey Protein By Näck

    Developed by Sports Nutrition Experts

    Näck’s Whey Protein is created by Sports Nutritionists to fuel your performance, enhance recovery and satiety. Each serving of this high-quality blend contains 21g of protein with an intake of only 95 kcals. It packs 10.3g EAAs and 4.7g BCAAs, which promote protein synthesis and muscle growth in the body.
    Our Whey is crafted to help you with satiety, so you feel full for longer. A digestive enzyme blend is added to maximise digestion and absorption of the protein.

    Sourced From Europe

    We use some of the highest quality ingredients sourced from our neighbours in Europe. Whey Concentrate used in our blend comes from the Netherlands, and Whey Isolate from Ireland.

    Superior Taste

    This premium formulation contains 2g of natural cocoa per serving, and a pinch of pink Himalayan salt to enhance the chocolate flavour. The delicious taste and smooth texture make it convenient to use as a grab-and-go snack.

    Informed Choice Certified

    Our Whey Protein is Informed Choice certified which means that it has been skip-lot tested for banned substances under the Informed Choice program. This ensures that it is not contaminated with any prohibited substances and that it contains only what is listed on the label. These substances include banned drugs, anabolic agents, stimulants, beta-2-agonists, masking agents, diuretics and new and emerging threats such as SARM's, Vaptans and PPAR's, etc.

    What's Inside?

    WE USE

    Whey Protein Isolate from Ireland and Whey Protein Concentrate from the Netherlands

    WE ADD

    Enzymes to support digestion


    Truly Naked.


    How To Enjoy!


    Add 1 scoop (30g) per approx. 150-200 ml of water/ milk in a shaker. Shake, pour, enjoy!

    When to consume

    Ideally 30-60 minutes after your workout or as a high-protein snack any time of the day to supplement your diet.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Pratik .

    Whey Protein - Chocolate with Pink Himalayan Salt

    Karuna watwani
    Best tasting whey ever

    Awsome job guys keep it up

    Tastes excellent

    I add it to my smoothie/ overnight oats. It’s chocolaty and that slight tinge of salt is just chef’s kiss 🤌🏽

    Amrita Purkayastha
    Amazing Testing Whey

    I have been using the Nack whey protein for about 7 months now, and it's really helping me with quick recovery .The BCAA content really gives it an added advantage. The taste is very subtle, and pink Himalayan Salt really balances out the sweetness. Mixing it with smoothies has been a game changer for me.

    Amit Sehrawat
    Seen Amazing results with Whey Protein

    Hi I’m Amit sehrawat professional basketball player and I have started using nack whey protein from past few months and
    1. I can see a visible boost in muscle growth
    2. My stamina & strength during workouts have increased
    3. The time taken for my muscle recovery has decreased!
    Nack has been a real partner in helping me achieve all my desired fitness goals


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    The average rating of this product is a whopping 4.7/5. The secret? Our products are 100% naked. No false claims or hidden agendas. Just carefully selected natural active ingredients.


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    Questions & Answers

    Both options produce similar outcomes for key metrics including body composition, muscle thickness, force production, performance, and strength. However, Näck Whey Protein has about 7% more EAAs for the same serving size (30g). Plus, since it has added natural cocoa and pink salt, it tastes delicious making it ideal for a quick pre/post workout shake.

    If you have lactose intolerance, that means you don't make enough of the enzyme lactase. This lactase enzyme breaks lactose down into glucose and galactose so your body can use these simple sugars for energy. But without sufficient lactase, lactose moves through your gut undigested and may lead to symptoms like bloating, diarrhoea and abdominal pain.

    Slightly lactose-sensitive individuals might be able to tolerate Näck Whey Protein due to the added enzymes that help break down lactose to simpler sugars and help with digestion.

    For individuals with severe lactose intolerance, Näck Plant Protein Powder might be a better option. It has a high protein content (80%), and a complete Essential Amino Acid profile - all while being free from dairy, sugar, soy and common allergens.

    Having adequate protein is essential for muscle growth. Research suggests that getting enough protein and having it throughout the day is more important than the timings. However individuals who train regularly, it’s ideal to consume it 30-60 mins following workouts since it leads to greater training adaptations and protein synthesis.

    We add less than 0.03 g of sucralose in every serving to enhance the taste of the product without adding sugar or other alternatives that have a bitter aftertaste. Research suggests that it is completely safe to consume.

    We source our Whey Concentrate from the Netherlands and Whey Isolate from Ireland.

    Yes. Our Whey is Informed Choice certified which means that it has been skip-lot tested for banned substances under the Informed Choice program. We’ve also conducted various other tests for heavy metals, gluten, lactose content etc.

    Yes. At Näck, we ensure to have the cleanest ingredient list possible for all our products.

    Yes. Each serving of our Whey contains under a gram of sugar which comes from natural ingredients. It doesn’t have any added sugar. However, if you are suffering from any medical condition such as diabetes and/or take any prescribed medication, we always recommend that you consult your doctor before starting any supplement regime.

    The recommended daily protein consumption is 0.8g per kg of bodyweight, as per RDA. With an active lifestyle, the requirement of protein goes up.

    Absolutely. Whey Protein can be used to supplement your protein intake on a daily basis to meet the ideal protein requirement.