• anger management
  • anxiety
  • body image issues
  • career guidance
  • depression
  • grief counseling
  • motivation
  • relationship counseling

About Mindpeers

Mindpeers is India’s first affordable and qualitative mental health therapy platform. Whether you need help identifying a concern which makes you feel uneasy or you are already dealing with it, their clinical psychologists and licensed therapists will ensure you get the correct help. Therapy works best when you are in a safe space, both mentally and physically. With MindPeers you can choose your own mode of therapy, be it live video, messaging or phone.

Questions & Answers

The first session with your therapist will be an opportunity for both you and your therapist to get to know each other, to understand whether you’re the right fit, if you’re both comfortable sharing this experience with each other. Your therapist may ask you questions about your lifestyle, your work, or what made you seek therapy.
After your session is over, you are encouraged to think over how you felt during your session, if you feel you and your therapist are a good match, then you can proceed further and book another session with them. Should you decide to try another therapist, you can book a session with another therapist. There is no right or wrong way to go about it!
Before your session, you should make sure you’re in a comfortable and safe environment, make a note of any questions you may want to ask your therapist about them, or the way in which they take their sessions, or any other doubts you may have about the process

Depending on your concerns, requirements, and past, it will be different for everybody. Since you know your mental state, and your emotional awareness the best, it will largely be decided by yo

Each session is 1 hour long.

Customers can book themselves and depends on the therapist they choose, they'll be able to get time slots. If they need customer support we are available on WA at 9810066307 and we usually respond in 2hrs on a working day

Yes. You can make a request a reschedule on Mindpeer’s website.

Yes. You can make a request a reschedule on Mindpeer’s website.