Recycle and Earn Program

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Recycle program - Test G


Sustainable and Responsible Consumption

India generates around 1,50,000 tonnes of municipal solid waste every day, and of that approximately 90% is collected. At present, only 20% is treated, and the remaining 80% (1,23,000) is disposed of at dump sites.

The collected waste is mixed, and not segregated. So, once the wet garbage starts to decompose and rot, it produces methane gas - an incredibly toxic and flammable greenhouse gas. Methane pollution is one of the leading causes of climate change. The decay in landfills also emits an alarming amount of harmful, cancer-causing pollution, such as toxic benzene, harming not only the land, and the air, but also the societies and settlements that surround it.


A Better Future,
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How It Works

Terms And Conditions

1. This program is only valid for orders placed online on using the code BACKTONACK.

2. It cannot be combined with other offers, discounts, or promotions. The 4 empty jars must be of the same product eg, 4 Natural Astaxanthin, 4 Plant Protein Powder or 4 Multivitamins Dual Formula.

3. The free product sent will be the same kind as the recycled product eg, 1 Natural Astaxanthin when you return 4 empty Natural Astaxanthin jars.

4. Please clearly mention your address on the parcel in order to receive the free product.