How Näck Is Reshaping The Health Supplement Market In India

How Näck Is Reshaping The Health Supplement Market In India

Written by

Prabha Behera & Sana Thombre

At Näck, we strive to help you understand this complex world of nutrition and health supplements, and this is how!

Reorientation Around Clear Benefits

While dietary supplements cannot take the place of the nutrients you can get from your healthy eating habits, they do play a vital role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
They become especially important in today’s climate where everything is happening faster than the speed of light, making it difficult to adhere to a meal plan that meets your daily nutritional requirements.
Years of growth in the dietary supplements industry have led to an increased pressure on the industry actors to launch extraordinary formulations and new ingredients without clinical scrutiny or proven health benefits in order to stay competitive. However, our approach is different. Instead of focusing on vague ingredients and questionable formulations we are going back to basic.
Remove the unnecessary and confusing, and keep only what makes sense for each specific health concern. It doesn’t always have to be new to be exciting. It doesn’t always have to be 10 ingredients in one product to make it potent. What matters in the end is what the product a customer is investing in, is actually supporting their health concerns to the fullest

Transparency Is Key

As highlighted earlier, it has been reported that 60-70% of dietary supplements in the Indian market are fake and not authentic. At the same time, clarity in regards to how the powder you are consuming actually is made and ending up in your protein jar is not always very clear. At Näck we strongly believe that for traceability and transparency to work, a brand first and foremost needs to adhere to a sourcing and quality practice that they are actually proud to reveal – and this often means building a corporate ethos around such principles.
We take pride in the transparency of Näck – the tagline “Truly Naked” is the foundation the brand’s philosophy is built on and is something we practice on a daily basis. Honesty is visible in all aspects of our business from raw material selection to supply chain management. We ensure processes where strict quality and safety standards are maintained while developing our formulations and producing our products. Ingredients as well as manufacturing processes are thoroughly scrutinized for their safety and efficacy, and are further certified by third party organizations.

The Power Of Science

Science is foundational to safe and efficacious supplements. For brands and ingredient suppliers, it means not just formulating according to sound science, but investing in and communicating that science to its customers. For Näck, it was a no-brainer from the start to only use formulations which are backed by science. We only use natural active ingredients that are clinically proven to ensure effective and gentle solutions. The science behind the products is always communicated and readily available. In the end, our product development philosophy is simple – Supplements can, and should be made, Truly Naked.

Designed To Be Seen

In a marketplace crowded with outdated design we at Näck decided to take a stance. In the end, supplements are of no use if they are forgotten in your cabinets…far far inside and easily forgotten among the many half full pill bottles. Instead we design our products by keeping the Scandinavian aesthetic in mind, characterised by an innovative and elegant simplicity; a slice of modern minimalism that you can keep in the open. Our products are designed to be seen which remind you to improve your health everyday.
We hope that our efforts at Näck will support people’s journey to a healthy lifestyle with support from health supplements you can trust. Nothing is more bare than being naked.

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