India's Clean, Green Dining Scene

India's Clean, Green Dining Scene

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Yeesha Prakash

India's dining scene is transforming, with a surge in clean, green eateries reshaping the culinary landscape.

Across the country, some eateries are redefining what it means to dine out, offering menus that are not only plant-based and sustainable but also aligned with a growing demand for wellness and environmental care. This shift mirrors a global movement towards healthier, eco-friendly dining, yet with a distinct flavour that celebrates India's rich cultural and agricultural heritage.

As we chat with the visionary minds behind some innovative dining spots in India, we're eager to share insights that spark inspiration for a more mindful and nourishing culinary journey ahead!

For Earth’s sake

“In 2019, the inception of For Earth’s Sake stemmed from a glaring gap in the dining industry - the absence of sustainable and wholesome dining options. Traditional cafes and eateries overwhelmingly relied on frozen, mass-produced, chemically-laden ingredients that were far from local, seasonal, or environmentally friendly.

At For Earth’s Sake, we set out to redefine dining by placing sustainability at the forefront. Our fundamental mission was to celebrate the beauty of local, seasonal, and fresh ingredients while minimising waste, delivering nutritious dishes, and igniting culinary excitement. Our pledge to sustainability is unwavering. We meticulously craft every element of our menu in-house, from our delectable dips and spreads to our artisanal bread and mouth watering desserts. By doing so, we guarantee the highest quality and flavour while remaining dedicated to reducing our environmental impact.”

- Vidur Mayor, co-founder

Growing Demand for Healthier Choices

The establishment has observed a significant uptick in the demand for healthier food options, a trend accelerated by the global pandemic. This period of reflection led to an increased appreciation for locally sourced, wholesome ingredients, signalling a shift towards more informed and health-conscious dietary habits.

Clientele Evolution

Originally popular among fitness enthusiasts, For Earth’s Sake has seen its clientele diversify to include a wider range of age groups and backgrounds, all unified by a shared interest in the café’s sustainable, seasonal approach to food. This shift reflects a growing recognition of the interconnectedness of personal health and environmental stewardship.

Outlook on the Health Food Movement

For Earth’s Sake anticipates that the movement towards healthy eating will continue to evolve towards a greater emphasis on local and seasonal produce. The momentum gained in recent years suggests a future where farm-to-table dining becomes increasingly mainstream, driven by a collective consciousness of the need for sustainable and nutritious food choices.

Project Hum


“The movement towards farm-to-table and organic food is something that was already happening in the fine-dining space - we wanted to introduce something more casual and fun. Something for regular, everyday dining. We wanted to work with fresh produce so we built a supply chain across Maharashtra. We believe climate change is the biggest threat to our generation and food plays a very important role in tackling it.”

- Raghav Simha, Co-founder, Head of operations & supply chain

Healthy and Clean Food Philosophy

For the team at Project Hum, healthy and clean eating transcends the conventional notion of 'diet food.' It's about enhancing the flavour and nutritional value of meals, ensuring a balance of proteins, fiber, carbs, and fats. They champion the cause of meticulous sourcing and from-scratch cooking, advocating this approach as the future of the restaurant industry.

Shift in Consumer Awareness

Project Hum has noted a significant rise in health-conscious consumers who are keen on understanding the source and nutritional value of their food. This heightened awareness, coupled with a high rate of customer return, underscores a societal shift towards healthier lifestyles, believed to contribute to reduced disease rates and improved overall well-being.

Clientele Demographics 

The clientele at Project Hum is diverse, including dual-income couples with no kids (DINKS), high earners not yet rich (HENRYs), college students, and families, especially on weekends. This variety reflects a growing trend of individuals from various walks of life opting for healthier meal choices, with a notable demand for options like keto, vegan, and gluten-free diets.

Future of the Health Food Trend

Looking ahead, Project Hum anticipates that the farm-to-table movement will expand beyond specialty health-focused restaurants. They foresee a future where all dining establishments, regardless of cuisine type, will prioritise responsible sourcing and offer fresher, healthier menu options, making nutritious eating an integral part of the mainstream lifestyle.


Greenr, inspired by California's vast vegetarian scene, stands as India’s premier whole foods plant-based café, aiming to transform the mainstream dining experience. Despite India's large vegetarian population, the variety in mainstream dining has been limited. Greenr seeks to revolutionise this trend by offering a diverse array of plant-based dishes, promoting a wider awareness of clean eating and its growing necessity.

Healthy and clean food ethos

“In my perspective, when I refer to healthy and clean food, I am predominantly emphasising the importance of consuming unprocessed food. This entails opting for food items that are devoid of refined components such as sugar, packaged products, artificial flavours, enhancers, sweeteners, and preservatives. Essentially, it involves choosing natural, whole foods that have not undergone extensive industrial processing, and avoiding those that are laden with additives or artificial substances. This approach prioritises the consumption of fresh, unaltered ingredients to promote a wholesome and nutritious diet.”

  - Dev Yadav, Partner & Founding Team Member

    Rising Awareness and Growth

    Greenr has witnessed a noticeable increase in health consciousness among consumers, reflected in its growth and customer influx. The pandemic has played a significant role in heightening awareness about the benefits of whole, plant-based foods for immunity and overall health, with an uptick in new health-focused brands complementing this trend.

    Evolving Clientele

    Initially attracting health enthusiasts and individuals from the wellness sector, Greenr’s customer base has broadened over time to include a wider, more mainstream audience. This shift is a testament to the growing appeal of plant-based and clean eating lifestyles.

    Future of the Plant-Based Industry

    Looking ahead, the plant-based and health food sector is poised for substantial growth, with increasing public attention on dietary choices and holistic well-being. The Asia Pacific region, in particular, is expected to become a significant player in the plant-based movement, with projections indicating a surge in the market value of plant-based proteins and alternatives in the coming years. This trend underscores a shift towards cleaner, less processed food options, aligning with a global movement toward healthier, more sustainable eating habits.

    Copper + Cloves

    “After moving here from London, as someone who loved to cook, I loved exploring all the new fruits, veggies and grains that I’d never come across before. I started experimenting. Meanwhile, I was transitioning to eating plant-based. I wanted a lovely cafe I could visit for vibrant, delicious healthy food and I really felt there was a gap in the market here in Bangalore. To get started, because it’s lower risk and less investment, I had started a small catering and events business and this was growing and lots of people seemed to be loving the healthy, vibrant food! Eventually, I felt confident enough to open a small outlet!”

     - Sarah Nicole Edwards, founder

    Philosophy on Health and Food

    For Copper + Cloves, health is synonymous with soulful, vibrant, plant-based nourishment. The concept extends beyond mere dietary restrictions to encompass a joyful celebration of food, where even a simple salad or a slice of banana bread with hot chocolate can be an enriching experience. They reject the notion of eating being governed by guilt or restriction, focusing instead on mindful, enjoyable, and satisfying culinary experiences.

    Market Trends and Dietary Shifts

    There’s a noticeable trend towards healthier eating, with an increasing number of people, especially younger generations, prioritising their well-being. This shift is partly driven by more accessible online information and a societal move towards preventive health care. Despite this positive trend, there's a challenge in the form of societal pressures related to physical appearance. Copper + Cloves aims to redefine healthy eating, focusing on mindful consumption and the holistic joy of food.


    Copper + Cloves doesn’t cater to a specific demographic; instead, it attracts a wide array of customers, from nutritionally informed individuals to casual diners discovering the appeal of plant-based cuisine. The café's success with various customer segments, including those typically not inclined towards plant-based diets, underscores the universal appeal of its flavorful, nutrient-rich offerings.

    Vision for the Future

    Looking ahead, Copper + Cloves envisions a broader acceptance and understanding of holistic health, emphasising gut health and the role of diet in overall well-being. The goal is to foster a community where healthy eating is integrated with social connections and educational activities, promoting a comprehensive approach to wellness that transcends traditional perceptions of health and nutrition.


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