Näcks Guide To Its Clean Label Production

Näcks Guide To Its Clean Label Production

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Let’s start from scratch. Here’s a breakdown of our clean label that we are proud to share with you through production details of our two current products that are 100 % vegan – Plant Protein Powder and Immunity Boost with Natural Astaxanthin.

How Do We Source The Ingredients For Our 100% Vegan Products?

Plant Protein Powder

Plant Protein Powder

Protein powder labels are confusing to understand – often containing several unrecognisable ingredients and sometimes even additional flavors, artificial sweeteners, fillers, and preservatives. But what if we told you that we have created an effective protein powder by just using two ingredients – yellow peas and whole grain rice! 
The journey makes its way around the globe and then to your bowl.

The rice is sourced from Vietnam and sent to Belgium to extract the protein. The peas are grown and processed in Belgium as well. The ratio used in the formulation of our protein powder is 90% peas and 10% rice – various combinations were tried but this one, in particular, showed the best results with regard to essential amino acid profile and taste.

Our powder is completely unflavoured, but we would still advise you to not have it with water especially when you can experiment and add it to anything you like! For some inspiration, you can check out some of our favourite recipes right here!

Immunity Boost With Natural Astaxanthin

Immunity Boost With Natural Astaxanthin

Astaxanthin travels through the Swedish archipelago in the Baltic Sea from an algae found in a rock pool in the deep marine. Astaxanthin is extracted and processed by the world leader in astaxanthin cultivation, AstaReal, who has their headquarters in Sweden. The powdered astaxanthin is mixed into a slurry-like paste with olive oil for better absorption.


This mixture later goes into our soft-gel capsule which is made in India. At Näck we always strive to find vegan alternatives for our products, therefore our soft-gel capsule is made out of the maize starch that is brought from Vietnam making our Immunity Boost a 100% vegan capsule.

How Do We Maintain The Quality Of Our Products Considering Our Globally Spread-Out Presence?

Maintain The Quality Of Our Products

Before any purchase is made, the ingredients go through a certification of analysis. There are certain criteria and parameters which an ingredient needs to match to be eligible for sale in the market. When the ingredients arrive at the factory, we check the certificate of analysis and run our own assessments namely a taste test, a chemical test and a visual test to assure the best quality.  

In addition, just to be double assured about our product, we send them to independent third-party laboratories like Avon Food Lab and ITC Labs. These independent test sites are places we regularly report to. All these processes are kept in check by our Head of New Product Development, Anthony Igoe.

What Does Our Final Product Look Like?

Plant Protein

For the Plant Protein Powder, we use a mint and white plastic drum with an airtight foil seal, and a scoop – all of which is sourced from and manufactured in India. Our Immunity Boost with Natural Astaxanthin comes in glass jars and matte finished lids packed inside an attractive and sustainable paper carton.  Our products are designed to be seen so that they can be kept in the open to remind you to use them everyday. They fit seamlessly on your nightstand table or next to your daily necessities in your bathroom.

Plant protein powder

When you receive the package glance through it and you will find a mark from the Forest Stewardship Council, this symbolizes that the actual paper comes from sources where they’re replanting trees and making sure that that part of the ecosystem is maintained and sustained.

We are very proud of our continuous strive to uphold the highest quality standards and transparency of our supply chain. Our product development philosophy – supplements can and should be made truly naked, very much includes the whole journey, from grain to bowl and sea to capsule.

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