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Transparent Throughout

Our foundation is built on transparency and honesty about all aspects of our business, from choosing ingredients, to supply chain practices and how the final product ends up in the jar. We will never make up claims or health benefits for an easy sell and we will never complicate things to mask the truth. We won’t add ingredients to formulations where they don’t make sense just so the product can be more marketable. And lastly, what is printed on our labels is what is in our products.

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The Real Deal

No odd ingredient combinations, no questionable scientific reports and no false claims or hidden agendas. We only use natural active ingredients that are clinically proven to ensure effective and gentle solutions.The science behind the products is always communicated and readily available. In the end, our product development philosophy is simple – supplements can and should be made, Truly Naked.

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Sourced With Care

Our products are created in Sweden and manufactured in India. We source our ingredients from selected raw material partners across the globe. Because we are free from complex synthetic ingredients, preservatives, GMOs, fillers and allergens, our ingredient lists are short and straight to the point. We use organic and vegan ingredients wherever possible and ensure that all our products are cruelty free. Strict quality standards are followed to develop and produce our products. Each step is thoroughly scrutinised for safety and efficacy and is further certified by third party organisations.


Designed To Be Seen

Supplements are of no use if they are forgotten in your cabinets. Therefore, we design our products by keeping the Scandinavian aesthetic in mind, characterised by an innovative and elegant simplicity; a slice of modern minimalism that you can keep in the open.

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Good Business

We are firm believers of using business as a force for good. We take conscious steps to limit our environmental impact and to make positive contributions to our surrounding community. An important aim of our business is to spread awareness and facilitate easy access to mental health support. That is why for every product sold, we donate INR 10 to Manas Foundation to support the cause of raising awareness and destigmatize mental health issues among the Indian youth.

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